Quills Erotic Poetry Magazine is an annual publication displaying Canadian poetry only. It is distributed in bookstores across Canada (ask your favourite bookstore to carry it). It is typeset in Stempel Garamond, printed on high quality book paper, and perfect bound by professional trades people. The cover art supports local artists and is chosen to suit the content within each issue.

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Words are sexy.

At Quills Erotic Poetry we love the erotic and sensual. Especially words.

From sensual to lustful, we yearn for your delightfully enticing poems. So get your quill good and inky, and send us your most luscious and naughtiest poems.  Each annual edition is a tactile treat, printed and perfect bound by professional tradespeople. So go ahead, submit to us… We know you want to.


Quills is published by William Byron Sheardown of Vancouver, British Columbia. Byron is a printer and has been publishing magazines since the age of 18. Quills Magazine comes from Byron’s deep love of poetry and his desire to create a national literary vehicle for which poets from all parts of Canada can unite to experience each others’ work. Whether young or old, professional or novice, the poets presented here will have the common element of being Canadian.


Canadian poets can submit their poems of Love and Eroticism only. It is privately funded, sold in bookstores all across Canada and accepts advertising of literary content only. Deadline for submissions changes from year to year, but we will announce submission deadlines with ample advance notice. We will publish when enough poems are received.

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Quills Erotic Poetry Magazine does not sell or barter its email address book or subscription list.