Quills Erotic Poetry Magazine is an annual publication displaying Canadian poetry only. It is distributed in bookstores across Canada (ask your favourite bookstore to carry it). It is typeset in Stempel Garamond, printed on high quality book paper, and perfect bound by professional trades people. The cover art supports local artists and is chosen to suit the content within each issue.

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Copyright 2016 Quills Canadian Poetry. All Rights Reserved.


Submissions by EMAIL ONLY to publisher@quillspoetry.com with “QUILLS SUBMISSION” in the subject line. Please send only in-body text (no document files or attachments).

Poems can be any length or style, but must be erotic in nature. Please limit submissions to 3 maximum per year.

Send your name, address or city and confirm you are a Canadian Citizen. Include a short 40 word biography written in 3rd person starting with the author’s name. A contributors section is at the back of the magazine. Include a short copyright allowance for Quills to publish your poem. Any submitted works will be deemed to include copyright usage. We encourage submissions from all poets; young or old, published or unpublished, no one is charged to submit and no submissions are paid.

Canadian Book Publishers with copyrights are invited to submit a selection of 3 poems from poets who die in the current year along with year of birth and death. Subject line in email should read “DEAD POETS SUBMISSION”.


As sometimes email transfers cause formatted poems to re-align or present random results we ask that you do not format your poems at all. Simply type them in like a normal email and use slashes [/] to indicate line breaks, double slashes [//] to indicate stanza breaks and bracketed instructions to indicate spacing or indenting of lines ie. [3]. Also, don’t use the CTRL key to create type. It translates through email in random ways. We end up with dashes [-] as question [?] marks or apostrophes [‘] as commas [,] or greek letters. We have a standard format you can see throughout the magazine to keep its contents consistent, please help us help you in keeping your poem looking right. Thanks!


Order directly from the publisher at:

subject line “QUILLS LUST”
Send $12.95 including shipping and tax to:

1-1455 Brigantine Drive
Coquitlam, BC V3K 7C2

Byron Sheardown